Browsing around the web, I came across a copy of a lost, great site, created by Red Admiral's Chris Ashman,  now sadly passed away.

Rather than let his efforts go unappreciated, I have used his hard work as the basis of this site, as a refelection of many musician's admiration for his tireless efforts to build up the Kent (and in particular the East Kent) music scene.

Initially, pages may be blank, stories could be outdated and  many of the images will be small as the orginal site was built in the days of high internet costs, slow downloads, etc. 

This will be improved as new material comes in. We are adding almost daily!

Please add your comments to the pages.  It makes the site more readable and makes the editors feel someone is reading the site!  

Please enjoy the site ... Add to it ... Revisit!


DENIGH ... still making great music - new single released!

The DENIGH single 'Bevin Boys' was released 1st October.

Available worldwide from all the usual on-line stores.

1st single in 42 years!

Thanks to the guys from Denigh for this video - plus many updates on their pages.  

Whats NEW?   

Now starting to add audio files to the site.  Don't have many but happy to include any you send :-)

Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Juast added:

A Shot in The Dark 


Life 'n' Soul

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Looking for info on The Hustlers from Sidcup, Kent.  Email paul(at)

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