Marshmallow Tree were an Alternative Rock Band created from the remains of URF circa1968 - 1969
  • Bob Hodgeman Bass 
  • Chris Ashman Vocals 
  • Pete Sewell Drums
  • Cliff Homewood Lead Guitar 
  • Eddie Maitland Keyboards 
  • Nick Ashman Rhythm Guitar

The band was renamed as Tree when Pete left to move to Oxford, then didn't go. He was replaced by Les Sampson. He temporarily joined 1981 then Tristram Shandy

Strangely both of them ended up in Nottingham as the drummer for Tristram Shandy. Pete had left to join the The Mike Miller Big Band.

Tree continued until October 1969 when Cliff left , to eventually join Raw Material ( on "Time Is" Album called he is called Cliff Harewood) and Les to join Stray Dog


  • Demo Acetate - MT Blues /Hear me Cry. 

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