The band was based at New Romney and was led by the lead guitarist / vocallist Peter Abbot. Peter has to be one of the best guitarists I have worked with. He had been trained on Classical guitar which he used to advantage when playing rock leads whilst keeping a melody line going as well! Brilliant. The drummer / vocallist was Roger Jeffery from Lydd and the bass player / vocallist was Brian Fuggle from New Romney, both true masters of their instruments. Brian's two sons played in local bands, and it was with Peter, also a bass player; that Tick Brown, Mick Dunford and I formed 'Enry'.

Alley Kats had a Saturday night residency at The Grasshopper Restaurant in New Romney. The restaurant was run by Mary and Alan Sharp , a popular couple who attracted a good clientelle, so the place was always packed on a Saturday night. Peter, Roger and Brian would start the evening off with soft jazz/classic style music whilst the guests ate, and then after 10pm I would join them for the pop and rock session through to the early hours of Sunday.

During the summer months we entertained the holiday makers at The New Beach and Goldens Sands holiday camps.

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