Found your site when, on a whim, I decided to try and use the power of the net to see if there was any record of the Dover based band I played with.

The band's name was The Castaways. I played on drums. I joined circa summer of '62, and played with the band for about a year, after which I sold my drum kit to raise money for a hitch-hiking holiday through France and Spain, lol.

We had played innumerable halls in Dover and surrounding villages, also a well-known music cafe in Folkestone, and I think we once played at Toft's. We were also booked to play at some big venue in Deal or Margate on the same bill as Screaming Lord Sutch, but what happened to that I don't know, cos I didn't play that gig.

The music we played was mainly Shadows covers (definitely going out of fashion by '63). Thing is, I can't remember a single name of anyone in the band. I do know that the lead guitarist, who was pretty good, died in '65.

I went to school with Mike Lord, and it was he that taught me to play the drums. He was a really good drummer, very profficient, and could play any Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich track as well as the original. He was really a jazz drummer by nature and inclination. Mike's name is the only one I recognise on your page - you have him down as drummer with Take That. I believe he lived in Spain (after he left Take That) for decades, but must have come back to Dover, because I bumped into him here last year, and had a little chat.

Everyone in The Castaways lived in Dover, as I recall.

I really enjoyed my time with them, had some great gigs, but I was a crap drummer, lol.

John Dixon.

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