Line-up included

  • Andy Reynolds
  • Richie Bilous
  • Bill Regan
  • Mick Cork
  • Keith Harwood
  • Steve "Doris" Read

Originally Mick Cork joined Keith Harwood (then known by his real name, Keith Uren) and Andy Reynolds, a couple of local folk singers. Gradually Billy Regan got involved and Captain Black was formed. Captain Black was named after some wierd pipe that Keith Harwood owned. On one practice night Keith was asked "What the hell's that you've got in yer gob?" . "It's a Captain Black" said the great one. They built up a fairly big following, especially at the sadly no longer Neptune (in Dymchurch) where the local football club adopted us as their own. Next they managed to get hold of an outstanding talent in Richie Bilous, who had grown up in Cardiff with Andy Fairweather-Low (Amen Corner), and who had played with Tom Jones in his very, very early days. Richie had been in a duo with a lad called Jim.

Captain Black, with Andy, Bill, Richie, Mick Cork, and roadie Steve "Doris" Read on bongos/conga drum, did very well. Again they had a big following at the Neptune, in a later guise, as well as the Golden Arrow (now Jester) plus all kinds of either venues, near and far.

For whatever reason, the two singers Richie and Andy Reynolds, decided to leave after finding they could earn good money as a duo (The Reyn Brothers) Richie later performed solo as Richard Reyn and also as guitarist/vocalist with the City Blues Band

Keith Harwood later decided to go solo, and enjoyed a truly wonderful career on his own until in 1998 he collapsed on stage at Seasalter, near Whitstable at the age of just 48.

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