Line-up included:

Paul Rodriguez

Wilf Byrne

Peter Jansen

Jock Law (later replaced by Graham Penny)

Peter Marriott

Dave Webber.

Band Seven sprang up in Maidstone in the early sixties, formed by Peter Jansen, who already had started two other previous groups, The Travellers and The Jazz Gentlemen Ragtime Players. He took some of the members of these two groups to start Band Seven. They played in many venues, one of which was the Royal Star Hotel, known as the Star Ballroom.

Between 61 and 64 they made a demo disc which included their signature tune 'The Huckelbuck' quoted in the Kent Messenger newspaper as the "Saxiest Group in Kent". Some time later they disbanded and Dave Webber joined The Zephyrs, playing tenor sax tamborine and vocals.

It would be interesting to know if any of the members of Band Seven are in fact still around and does anyone have a copy of that famous demo disc? SueTreder.

Dave and Sue Webber now live in Spain and would be pleased if any of the band would like to get in touch . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The article mentioned that sax player Dave Webber wondered if any of the members of Band Seven are still around. I'm still here!.. Paul Rodriguez The article also mentioned that Peter Jansen had also earlier formed The Jazz Gentlemen , I was also in that group. On trumpet was Brian Jenner. Wilf Byrne and I left Band Seven to form


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