1979 – 1986

Line-up included

  • Julian Stowell (Keyboards)
  • Fred De Grussa (drums)
  • D Evans (Bass)
  • Didi Bassford (vocals)
  • Mick Morris (Guitar Vocals)
  • Jack Castle (Guitar Vocals)

In late 1979, Jack Castle and former Mirkwood bassist D. Evans, had formed Easy Action. Andy Schilling, one of its two singers, had left and they had gigs to fulfil. Jack asked Mick Morris to help out. Spectrum, a function band specialising in disco style music Mick had been playing with since the demise of Sprinter, was coming to an end so he accepted the offer. The line up from early 1980 became:

Jack Castle (guitar & vocals), Paula Clitheroe (vocals), Mick Morris (vocals & guitar), D. Evans (bass), Julian Stowell (keyboards) and Fred DeGrussa (drums).

Easy Action had a Fleetwood Mac influenced sound and was a very popular outfit. The line up remained unchanged until Paula left and was replaced in turn by Gail and then Didi. Although mainly a covers band, Easy Action’s repertoire also included a number of original songs written by Jack.

Fred Degrussa left in 1983 shortly followed by Mick Morris who was replaced by Steve Foster. Founder Jack Castle himself left in 1985 and the band finally folded the following year.n 1982 Easy Action recorded an extended EP of songs 'One weekend in Chelmsford', which combined covers and original material.

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