The Lonely Ones were re-named in July 1967 as - THE JOINT they play the Etonnoir in Geneva then to Munich, Germany to record the soundtrack to the Llywelyn/Moorse movie, "Der Griller" (The Griller)

Martin Vinson leaves

1968 The Joint plays clubs in Munich and in Switzerland and record music for the films "Jet Generation" & "Lieber und so Weiter" (directed by Roger Fritz. Music by Geroge Moorse)

Steve Brass (Black Souls) joins

Stanley August Miesegaes "SAM" meets the Joint in Geneva. He becomes financial backer and manager who has a strong commitment to the music of Rick Davies. The band moves into Sam's villa, Aganippe, in Versoix, Switzerland, and begins rehearsals. Sam eventually adds recording equipment to the basement rehearsal room for demos.

January 1969 - THE JOINT record a 5 song demo in Munich "Chariots" (Andrews) "Runman Gunman" ( Moorse, Williams, Andrews) "Black Magic" ( Lylwelyn, Moorse)"Ardy Williams" ( K. Bailey) "1953" (Moorse, Williams, Andrews)

February THE JOINT signed to the Robert Stigwood Organization John (Andy) Andrews leaves the band in dispute with R.S.O ( now playing regularly With "Antiques Roadshow")

March-April - Bookings are set-up in England. The group is now living in the National Hotel on Bedford Way in London

May 13 THE JOINT appears on Swiss TV in Geneva then at the Marquee Club in London their backer(SAM) is bitterly disappointed at what he sees. He tells the band he wants out of his financial responsibility. THE JOINT breaks up soon after.

Rick Davies goes on to form Supertramp

  • Some Information extracted from Roger Hodgesons Supertramp Timeline

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