• Chriss Hollinrake
  • Paul Davey
  • Vic Hollinrake
  • John Green

One of the first bands to record at Europa Sound Studios Folkestone on 2 Track and Tooting Music Centre London on 8 Track. Producer Chris Ashman spent days hauling the tapes around the record companies but the band split before a deal was secured.

Chriss Hollinrake writes from Australia

G'day Chris, I remember that trip to the studio in London....particularly the four of us singing into a bucket. CITRIS was good fun...and you put in a lot....but things just would not happen... remember how we almost landed a 49 gig european trip supporting Mott the Hoople...I think it was all the excitement about that...and then the disappointment when the Hoople broke up...that finally broke us's a long time ago...but fond memories all the same...... I remember...Bob Hodgeman was also in the Occasional One Band...Remember when I passed out in your drum booth in Harvey Street? Ha!!! I was sick for a week. No Worries it often happened to drummers in that booth, it was either the effects of working with me, alcohol or Carbon Monoxide coming in from the road above.

Vic teaches teaches classical guitar these days....John Green (bass) works in Ashford. I'm still gigging here in Australia....though I play guitar and sing these days ...and loving it.

I remember your studio so well even though it's such a long time ago...33 years...phew...things have changed since then....I now have a digital multi-track capability....but not much time to use it...I teach multimedia at a local college here...that keeps me too busy....and I also do a bit of graphic design.

BTW....Bob Blyth came to live in OZ where he did a bit of playing...unfortunately he died in 2002...RIP

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