Tick (fingers) Brown (Lead guitar) - Mick Dunford (Drums) - Martin Young (Frontman and Sax player) - Jon Bryant (Bass) who replaced Pete Fuggle(Bass)

Hi - I'm Martin Young Frontman and Sax player with 'Enry'. Yes, I remember you coming down The Gate at Hythe and taking that picture. Do you remember the article that appeared in the Folkestone Herald? It sort of back fired on us! Band was formed in 1979 when I lived in St Margarets at Cliffe. Band members were: First Line-up, including me Tick 'Quick Lick' Brown Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Mike 'Steamhammer' Dunford Drums Pete Fuggle Bass & Backing Vocals

Martin writes...... The name 'ENRY' came about because Henry was the middle name of Pete and myself - we mucked about talking like 'Enry Cooper' and it stuck. Our band logo was based on a Don Martin cartoon character named Carbuncle that apperaed in 'MAD' magazine.

Second Line -up Jon 'Juggernaught' Bryant replaced Pete Fuggle on Bass.

We were the first Band to play at the Red Lion Inn at St. Margarets at Cliffe when Mick and Penny O'Dwyer ran the place, then following our lead Silent Movies and many other local bands followed in our footsteps there.

Recordings - a complete gig was recorded on an ordinary cassette recorder at the Red Lion Inn St Margaret's In 1980. In 2011 an 80 minute CD of the evening was released on Red Admiral Records with downloads available from 24th July 2011 - Very pleased as it has been re-mastered to include the atmosphere and audience appreciation growing as all got more sozzled. Enry - The Enry Tapes.

The Band played all the usual pub venues in East Kent, but one of our favourites was 'The Rose' at Kennington, Ashford.

We split up in December 1981, when due to 'Maggie and her Hoods' the Railway Works at Ashford where I worked was closed, and I had to make the choice to move elsewhere (Derby) Strange to say, we've always kept in touch as friends and even resurrected ENRY in 1996 for a few months - 'hitting the road once at The Swingate'.

'Enry' recorded at The Red Lion. St. Margaret's at Cliffe (circa 1980), Barnacle - recorded at The W. Steinhouse Studios, Broadstairs (1973). Concerning other bands that I was in: The James Brothers. From Ramsgate. We changed the name to 'Styx' then an unknown band from the USA by the same name hit the charts! I was with them circa 1978. I will do a proper write up for you and supply photos.

The Alley Kats. From New Romney. I joined the band in June 1979 and worked with them until December 1980 when I left to form 'Enry' (heavy rock was calling again) I also played Sax in Life 'n' Soul for a while - but I don't expect the band would like that mentioned on their website.

As to the history of 'Enry'. The 'legend' continues. We reformed all to briefly back in 1995. Did a couple of gigs, then I buzzed off to work abroad. Again - I will do a write up for you! .....More ENRY Photos

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