The Starlite Ballroom was situated opposite the clock tower. Chart groups such as The Small Faces (30/11/65), Honeycombs, Applejacks and the Swinging Blue Jeans performed there.

At one time, it was managed by Charlie Chesters son, he also used to be in Cliff's backing band in the early days.

I remember seeing the Small Faces performing there and Peter Chester (Charlie's son) was the Manager there at the time before running a shop in Canterbury and then becoming a milkman with Abbots Dairies in Canterbury).

Peter was in the original Shadows.line-up with Bruce Welch and they were called the Five Chesternuts. He also co-wrote a Cliff Richard hit "Please don't tease"

Mervyn Harding


Pictured at the Starlight approx 1963/4? at a Tramps Supper Ball. The group was called The Satans but for this gig they changed name to Sid Sewer and the Satonic Sludges.

Pictured left to right: Bruce Burke, Buster Osmond (drums),Ray Fairbrass, John Copeland. Old clothes were worn to look the part.

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