In 1969-1971 I played with a band named Canterbury Tales.

Canterbury Tales consisted of

  • Mark Dean Ellen on drums
  • Bernie Hagley on Bass and Sax 
  • Nigel Gilchrist on Hammond organ & bass
  • John Wheels Guitar.

Later when Bernie left to go to the States with "Tranquility" we recruited a new Bass player. He was Trevor Horne who went on to form Buggles and made a couple of hits with gender bending bands.(Frankie Came >From Liverpool).But he never touched me, as far as I can remember.He did give me some some funny blue pills as I recall one time, which made me have fantastic pornographic dreams which I can still recall vividly.

We were resident Fri. & Sat. St. Mildreds Hotel, Westgate (now flattened).and Sunday nights the Queen's Hotel Cliftonville. (also flattened) We played the Coach & Horses Canterbury Wednesdays, That was if we could beat contenders Mickey Finn to the gig, no probs. we had a Transit & they had an old Commer.
 Neros in Ramsgate was another venue. A gig in Folkestone was good for nubile groupies.(Forgot the name of that one). Good times they tell me.

Bernie & I are now in Vanity Fare, Nigel is running a music hire company in L.A.,  John is running a Taxi Company in Perth W.Australia & I am having fantastic flashbacks.

Mark Dean Ellen 


canterbury tales


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