• Ian Devlin Guitar and Keyboards
  • John Everett Bass & Vocals
  • Phil Allchin Lead Guitar
  • Chris Daughters Drums
  • John Reagan Drums

A first class heavy rock band that should have made it into the higher echelons of great British Heavy Metal. Either supporting top acts or on their own, they had and still have a large loyal group of followers who continue to remember the dynamic performance and great songs written by the band.

Due to popular demand but lack of finances, in 1984 their cassette album "Fire From The Sky" was released on Red Admiral Records. Many attempts to create the vinyl album to break through failed until eventually the band split in 1985.

DENIGH was created in 1978, and quickly became contender as top favorite regional Heavy Rock band. The Original line-up of writers Jon Everett, Ian Devlin and Phil Allchin and their original drummer John Reagan By 1979, they had replaced most of the usual cover songs with their own material and pulling respectable sized crowds. Their first demo cassette featuring "Bed Of Nails", "Burn The Sky" and "Falling Snow", sold well to their fans and spread their name even further. By 1980, Denigh were riding the crest of a wave, and they decided to capitalise on their newfound popularity by releasing their own single. At that stage, the musicians had no particular intentions of waiting for a major deal to materialise, and their previous experience of marketing their own cassette product led them to believe (quite rightly, as it, turned out) that they were be capable of financing and selling their own vinyl without getting involved with big business. The single recorded at Oakwood Studios in Kent was released on the Canterbury Ace label as a double A-side "Running" and "No Way", a pair of excellent, heavy numbers which have been compared to Demolition, Virgin Star& Angel Witch. Fast sales in local shops and some national distribution got the record into the "Top 100" giving the band an audience all over the UK Local radio appearances followed, with the group contributing a few interviews and sessions to the popular BBC 'Kent Rocks' show, hosted by Mike Brill. Handicapped by lack of cashflow and lack of management they found it difficult to make their presence known to the bigger promoters. Eventually, however, they were invited to support top touring bands Budgie, Girlschool, Rage,, Saxon and Sampson, but it was to be a long, hard struggle 'over the following two years. Towards the end of 1981 after a dispute over future direction Ian Devlin left the band. He was quickly replaced by Martyn Harris and scuttled off on a an ambitious tour of France. For much of the future Denigh would operate as a three piece still plugging away in the regional pubs and clubs, although it's fair to say that they never really achieved the level of success they deserved. During the years Chris Daughter was also employed as replacement drummer.

A further official demo was circulated in 1983, this being another generous eight-tracker entitled "Lean On 'Em Hard". The tape featured mostly newer numbers penned by Jon and Phil, such as "Call Me Angel", "Savage", "Roulette" an'd "Ironclad". Again, local sales turned out to be highly impressive, and the band continued their quest for fame and fortune.

The following year, the lads recorded a full album's worth of original material at Europa Sound Studios in Folkestone initially hoping that someone would stump up the necessary cash to get the thing pressed on vinyl. With no takers and no money, a deal was struck with Red Admiral Records the studio's house label and the album "Fire form the Sky" (Red Admiral DEN 1) including such numbers as "Synthetic Seduction", "Put My Neck On The Line" and "Sentinel" had to be yet another cassette-only release. Only a few hundred copies made it into circulation, as the group was beginning to lose heart by this time. Nevertheless, they still proceeded to complete a successful show supporting BERNIE TORME, and managed to create a live recording at one of their concerts for future release in one form or another. The live tape still exists today and hopefully will be able to be restored for a future release. This live tape shows what a contending force Denigh were, no wonder the top heavy rock acts wanted them on their support roster.

DENIGH officially called it a day at some point in 1985 (there were, in fact, one or two low-key get-togethers and club appearances in later years), although the central characters always believed that they could have gone considerably further with a modicum of luck, money and guidance.

A renewed level of interest in the '90s (fuelled primarily by a rapidly-escalating asking price for their one-off single) prompted a spate of frenzied activity on the DENIGH front. A couple of hastily-arranged reformation gigs took place at small local venues, and erstwhile colleagues Jon Everett and Ian Devlin subsequently contacted the studio owner who along with the lads began digging in their respective tape collections to see whether any old material could be salvaged for future release.

The result of this search is now presented on CD in the form of "Fire From The Sky" plus 2 extra tracks on the Iron Pages Label. IPR002 Contact details.: I.P. Verlag, Jeske/Mader GbR, DGZ-Ring 7, D-13086 Berlin, Germany Iron Pages Records in Germany Tel. 0049 / 30 / 47 02 15 21, Fax 0049 / 30 / 47 02 15 22

Other compilations "No Way" on N.W.O.B.H.M. Metal Rarities Vo.3" CD British Steel 1997 "Running" on N.W.O.B.H.M. Metal Rarities Vo.3" CD British Steel 1997


Black Sheep
{mp3}Denigh - Blacksheep{/mp3}

Red River War
{mp3}Denigh - RedRiverWar{/mp3}

You put my neck on the line
{mp3}Denigh - You Put My Neck On The Line{/mp3}

Fire from the sky
{mp3}Denigh - Fire From The Sky{/mp3}


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Denigh - gear list
Denigh - Dover Express Feb 1980

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