The Runaways were formed in 1982 with:

  • Gary Bryant on lead guitar
  • Tim Adams on rhythm guitar and vocals
  • Kevin Clark on bass guitar and vocals
  • Ivan Thurlow on drums and vocals.

Both Kevin and Ivan have had time away from The Runaways playing with other bands (e.g. Omega and Shadoogie) but the line up in their 24th year is that of 1982.

Gary and Tim had been best friends from an early age and took up guitar together. They loved nothing better than playing their favourite music from the Rock 'N' Roll era. Tim had a flair for imitating the singers while Gary was ably reproducing the guitar sounds. Since forming The Runaways the band members have been committed to producing a quality performance and are particularly renowned for their authentic representation of music from The Shadows, including the choreography!

The Runaways have worked alongside famous names in the world of entertainment and as the backing band to original singing stars of the fifties and sixties. They have also been special guests on BBC radio and have made appearances on London Weekend Television and Sky TV.

After receiving excellent reviews in various magazines, The Runaways signed a record deal with Polydor to release a CD in Japan. They have since recorded albums for Sweden and Europe and their music is distributed to other countries. The Runaways' album "Into The Vortex" is now available (April 2006) and is being sold at gigs and online.

The Runaways are constantly striving to produce the highest quality sound and still rehearse routinely to perfect regular numbers and learn new ones to extend their already extensive repertoire. They also pay attention to the visual aspects of their performances and are always immaculate in their suits and memorable for their striking bright red guitars!

Audiences are constantly amazed by the range of sounds The Runaways produce using their guitar synths and find it hard to believe that performances are completely live without the use of backing tracks. The band members switch effortlessly from the sound of the clarinet for Stranger On The Shore, through the pan pipes for Fields Of Gold, to the piano for Nut Rocker, for example.

Despite having worked with members of The Shadows and being renowned for the authenticity of their production of Shadows' numbers, The Runaways are far more than a Shadows tribute band. With the vast experience and individual talents of each member and their extensive repertoire of vocal and instrumental numbers, The Runaways produce a performance tailored to each venue/event and often receive standing ovations and unending demands for encores!

Sue Wright

The Runaways have also backed many fine artists including Crispian St. Peters.


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